top view of Hotel Exterior & landscape at NOI Puma Lodge Hotel


Things to do in the Andes mountains

The impressive landscapes that surround NOI Puma Lodge are the result of natural phenomena that occurred millions of years ago, such as volcanic activity and the displacement of ancient glaciers, which originated the formation of majestic mountain ranges and incredible river valleys. If you decide to live this magical experience, we are waiting for you to discover the natural wonders that surround the adventure of a mountain lodge.

Trekking Mirador de Las Orquideas near NOI Puma Lodge Hotel

Trekking Mirador de Las Orquideas

The walk begins through an old vehicle path that after advancing 1 km. It makes its way through the strong and resistant sclerophyllous forest.

Duration: 02:00 hrs. approx.

Trekking Bosque de los Cipreses near NOI Puma Lodge Hotel

Trekking Bosque de los Cipreses

The tour begins from NOI Puma Lodge with a simple section of 300 meters along the main road and then we enter the sclerophyllous forest, typical of the area.

Duration: 01:30 hrs. approx.

close up of Flowers in placa roja near NOI Puma Lodge Hotel

Placa Roja Horseback Riding

The activity begins 10 minutes away from the hotel, and then we head towards the corrals sector, where our muleteer and his horses will wait for us.

Duration: 04:00 hrs. approx.

Know our excursion

Book in advance your excursions during your stay and gett 20% discount to book on-line.

We invite you to know all our options to live the charm of the mountain.