Cornisas Trekking

view of gorgeous Cornisas Trekking near NOI Casa Atacama hotel

After ascending a small dune, hike north along one of the cornices bordering the “Valle de la Muerte,” otherwise known as “Death Valley.” The stunning panoramic view allows you to appreciate how erosion has molded the Salt Mountain Range, revealing the geological processes that shaped it. The most entertaining part of this excursion is a steep, but enjoyable descent down a dune. From that point, you’ll cross the valley to get back to the waiting van.

If you want to experience this adventure with your family, there’s a shorter version of the Cornisa excursion. It’s specially designed for young children and people who don’t want to walk too far. This tour begins at the same point as the original one, but only requires 30 minutes of walking to the first dune, which the whole family can enjoy. From there, it’s just another 15 minutes back to the van so that you can return to Noi Casa Atacama.