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Take adventures in the desert with NOI Casa Atacama

NOI Casa Atacama welcomes you to enjoy the mystical landscapes, amazingly diverse landscapes and exciting adventures of the driest desert in the world. Our professional tour guides plan excursions for all interests and skill levels, from hiking and cycling to archaeological trips and cultural visits.

Below you will find some of our most popular activities.

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Altiplanic Lagoon & Atacama Salt flat

Heading towards the high plateau, you will see the flora and fauna gradually change as you ascend. 

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Tatio Geysers

This amazing tour leaves at dawn, heading northeast along a dirt road. 

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Moon Valley & Mars Viewpoint

If you choose this tour, you’ll go across the Moon Valley by car to discover the most awe-inspiring areas. 

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Chaxa Lagoon & Toconao

With this beautiful tour, you will visit the town of Toconao and see its main square, church and bell tower, all of which 

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Cejar Lagoon & Tebenquiche

We begin our journey by car to the middle of the Salar de Atacama to appreciate 2 natural salty lagoons.

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Puritama Hot Springs

At the bottom of a large basin you will find eight natural pools

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Rainbow Valley

We leave by car from the hotel to the Domeyko Mountain Range where we start the excursion at the archaeological site called Yerbas Buenas.

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Cornisas Trekking

After ascending a small dune, hike north along one of the cornices bordering the “Valle de la Muerte,” otherwise known ...

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Night Sky

Stellar Sky Astronomic Observation

You’ll begin this tour by going through all of the Andean constellations with a cocktail to observe the entire galaxy.

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Know our excursions

Book your excusions in advance during your stay with us and get 20% discount when you book online.

We invite you to discover all our options so that you can experience the Chilean desert.

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