Noi Hotels sustainability practices

Taking care of our planet and community

Creating unforgettable travel experiences is the driving force of Noi Hotels, a passion to build together with our guests and visitors unique stories that reveal the personality of each of the fascinating hotels with the hallmark of Noi, where we are committed to the proper management of resources that have the least impact on our environment.

NOI Puma Lodge
Hand made clay

We invite you to discover the destinations, cultures and landscapes in a special way and in first person. Noi Hotels has thought about every detail to show the best of each place where we are located.

Sustainability Practices

Respect for the Creole values, patrimonial rescue and above all, the value of the environment, which has made us incorporate sustainability practices, actions that make us socially responsible and endless attributes that we invite you to know:

  • Use of solar energy through panels that generate electric light and also be able to heat the water of the facilities.
  • Reuse of gray water for irrigation of gardens and common spaces.
  • Organic vegetable gardens that house raw materials grown in the same hotel, without the participation of external agents.
  • Reforestation plan in surrounding areas.

The Noi Hotels Philosophy