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During your stay at Hotel Noi Vitacura, we welcome you to discover Santiago’s myriad pleasures right outside our doors, from the fashionable Alonso de Córdova shopping avenue to a diverse range of historic attractions, cultural destinations and more. For recommendations on things to do or assistance with arranging tours and transportation, our connected concierge is at your service. 


The climate of the city of Santiago corresponds to a warm-temperate climate with winter rains and prolonged dry season. Among the main climatic characteristics of Santiago concentration of about 80% of rainfall is during the austral winter months (June to August) and a very dry season, produced by an anticyclonic domain uninterrupted for about seven or eight months, mainly during the summer, between December and March. Temperatures vary throughout the year, from an average of 20 ° C during January to 8 ° C during June and July. In the summer, Santiago is hot, with temperatures easily reach 32 ° C in the afternoon, while nights are usually pleasant and slightly cool down slightly from the 17 ° C. Meanwhile, in the autumn and winter, the temperature drops and lies somewhat lower than 10 ° C and even occasionally of 0 ° C, especially during the morning.


Nueva Costanera

This stylish shopping mall features the popular Chilean department stores, Paris, Ripley and Falabella, along with stores that include TopShop, Levi’s, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C., and H&M. Additional attractions include a food court and movie theater.

Alonso de Córdova Street

Showcasing six blocks of chic style and exclusivity, this exclusive avenue is home to the top clothing boutiques, furniture designers and art galleries in Santiago. 

Casa Costanera

Surrounded by lush greenery, this open-air shopping destination features over 90 exclusive shops, a movie theater and gourmet restaurants, bars and cafés. 

Parque Arauco

Chile’s first ever shopping center, Parque Arauco is a favorite among stylish fashionistas for its wide selection of Chilean and international clothing stores.

Bicentennial Park

Head to this picturesque urban park on the Mapocho River to relax in the tranquil surroundings, marvel at sculptures by famous Chilean artists and enjoy recreational activities and free concerts and cultural events in the amphitheater.