Things to do in the andes mountains

The stunning landscapes surrounding Noi Puma Lodge are the result of millions of years of natural phenomena such as volcanic activity and the shifting of massive, ancient glaciers, which led to the formation of majestic mountain ranges and river valleys. Whether you choose to venture out on foot, horseback or mountain bike, exhilarating adventures await. 

Trekking Mirador de Las Orquideas

Hike or horseback ride through a centuries-old cypress forest and mountains, with lovely views of a ravine, the valley where the lodge is located, and the impressive Mirador de las Orquídeas. The route begins with a gentle climb through a sclerophyllous forest before reaching a centennial cypress forest and a large rock at the peak of 1,850 meters that offers a panoramic view of the Sierra Nevada farm, the glacier Cypresses and its three main valleys, Cachapoal, Las Leñas and Cortaderal).

Trekking Bosque de los Cipreses

Departing from the lodge, walk 300 meters along the main road and enter the forest esclerófilo, home to native species such as the quillay, maitén, bollen, peumo, coliguay, maqui, along with condors and other indigenous birds of Chile. After walking 1.4 kilometers, enter the forest of centennial cypresses.

Trekking Valle del Cachapoal/Placa Roja

Starting from the lodge, progress along the main road, passing through a sclerophyllous forest before crossing the Cipresito River. Continue along the old road (now blocked to vehicles) deep into the Cachapoal Valley through a native forest that will take you to the red plate, a spectacular plate reaching 150 meters high. Depending on the season, you can take a refreshing bath in the natural pools on the bank of Cachapoal River.

Trekking Valle Cipresillo

Starting from the lodge, stroll on the main road. After a gentle hike up the Cipresillo River along the border, venture deep into the valley while enjoying views of waterfalls and magnificent mountains.

Trekking Valle Los Llano

Starting from the Lodge along the main road, we cross Cipresillo river and follow the old path that take us into Cachapoal valley through a forest of native trees, after that we will approach to the Red Plate going deep into to the valley delighting us with its green surroundings and absolute solitude.

Trekking Sierra Nevada

Starting from the Lodge, hike westward through the cypresses, by a gentle slope overlooking condor nests before reaching a vantage point overlooking the three major valleys. From the Sierra Nevada in the distance you can see the Cipresillo Glacier, which goes extends deep into the Cortaderal Valley. During the warmer months you will see waterfalls in periods of thaw while on the descent. 

Trekking Puma con Raqueta de Nieve (only winter if weather allows it)

This guided tour offers the perfect combination of a trekking to the nearest snow line and an ascent with snowshoes especially designed for walking on snow cover. The walk takes place on beautiful paths and provides an excellent view of the snow covered Andean valleys.

Trekking Las Leñas con Raqutas de Nieve (only winter if weather allows it)

This guide at Noi Puma Lodge (1,300 meters), tour provides the perfect combination of a trek to the nearest snow level (1,700 m approx), and an ascent snowshoe specially designed for walking on snow cover with low effort. The route will be through beautiful trails, to achieve an excellent view of the Andean mountain valleys, all covered with snow.

Bikeriding Cachapoal Bajo

Our support vehicle will take us towards the lower end of the Cachapoal River, where we begin pedaling along the old unused road that goes along the riverbank. Along the way we will have beautiful views of the river valley, the loreras of tricahues and will learn something about the flora and geology. The end of this path is a vantage point where we will have a refreshing drink.

Bikeriding Valle Cortaderal

We start from the lodge on the main road and descend to the old bridge of the Cachapoal River. Crossing the bridge into the Cortaderal Valley we encounter beautiful places such as the “Haunted Beach” and bridges. The shady ride through the woods at the bank of the river allows us to freshen up and rest when necessary. Finally, we begin our return to the lodge and enjoy lunch at one of the beaches of the Cortaderal River before pedaling to the top of the hill to be picked up by a vehicle and enjoy well-deserved break at the lodge.

Trekking or Biking Laguna el Yeso

Following a spectacular flight through Las Leñas Valley, we descend to El Yeso, where we have the option to take an easy walk around the lagoon or a bicycle tour through an old drover pass between Chile and Argentina, up to the Lodge.

Wall Climbing

The lodge’s climbing wall provides children and adults with the best way to learn to climb for the first time, helping beginners to decipher the movements, balance and endurance for better and easier climbing. Basic safety techniques and knots are taught so guests can climb by themselves.

Rock Climbing

Starting from the lodge on the main road, we will walk 0.75 kilometers through a sclerophyllous forest to reach our climbing rock, which has all the safety standards required. Basic safety techniques and knots are taught so guests can climb by themselves.

Heli Trekking Loma del Buey

Take a helicopter to Loma del Buey, a mountain range that rises over 3,200 masl. During a trek across the cliffs take in spectacular views of glaciers, volcanoes and valleys, before enjoying lunch overlooking the Lodge.