discover mythical patagonia

Puerto natales is the ideal starting point

At the southernmost part of the Americas lies mythical Patagonia, an exotic and infinite wilderness filled with rugged landscapes barely touched by man.

This is where Puerto Natales was founded, at the edge of Last Hope Sound and the Andes mountain range. Settled in the beginning of the 20th century, this waterfront town is the ideal starting point for discovering Patagonia’s rivers, lakes, glaciers and the famous Torres del Paine National Park.

The natives of the area adapted to the complex weather conditions of Patagonia and broke into four major cultural groups: the Aonikenk (also known as Patagones or Tehuelches), the Selknam or Onas, the Kaweskar or Alakalufes and the Yamanas.

With its millennial forests, lakes and unreachable peaks that amaze all of humanity, Puerto Natales has one of the best city views on Earth. Visitors need only to look up to see the iconic Paine Towers in the distance. We invite you to come discover the glaciers hidden among the fjords, the plains where sunlight refuses to leave, prehistoric caves and the hidden gem that is Puerto Natales.

Cold Steppe Climate

Puerto Natales registers an average annual rainfall of 425 mm (which falls as snow in the winter). The region has a great deal of wind, with speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour in the spring and summer months. Temperatures drop to an average of 1.3 C° during winter and rise to an average of 30 C° in Torres del Paine during the summer. Being so far south, the amount of daylight is prolonged during winter and reduced during summer. Visitors should expect up to 18 hours of daylight during the month of December.