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Travelers come from all over the world to discover the natural wonders of Chilean Patagonia, famous for its pristine fjords, glaciers, rivers and majestic mountains. Located next to the Andes on the shores of Last Hope Sound, Puerto Natales is the gateway to Patagonia’s famous Torres del Paine National Park. 

Below you will find some of our most popular activities and things to do.

Whatever your pleasure, it’s all within reach at Indigo Patagonia. 


Participate in a day of fly-fishing at the highest level. Our guide will take you to the finest unspoiled waterways for a half-day or full-day tour. We will organize tours to different rivers or lagoons to suit your preferences and skill-level, ensuring the most successful fishing trip.

A Day on the Estancia

Patagonia is full of ranches, or “estancias,” where the traditional ways live on with gauchos, sheep, cattle and beautiful scenery. On this excursion we invite you to spend a whole day on an estancia to experience local life.

You will be taken to Estancia Lazo, which is located on the perimeter of the park and offers lovely views of boats, blue-green lakes and beech forests. A traditional asado lunch of barbequed lamb is provided overlooking the park. After lunch, gauchos lead visitors on a horseback ride through the historic landscape. Those who prefer not to ride horses can choose an alternate two-hour trek.

Horseback Ride in the Fjord

For those who love horses and history, a visit to this beautiful estancia overlooking the fjord is a must. It is here that Hermann Eberhard, the first colonizer of the region, made his family home and farm. His great grandson, also named Hermann, still cares for the estancia today. On this excursion Hermann will share his family history by the fire over a good cup of maté. This tour includes a two-hour horseback ride along the fjord that carries the family name, “Eberhard Fjord.”

Horseback Ride to the Condors

Discover the beautiful Laguna Sofía on horseback. Home to caves, waterfalls and forests, the area surrounding this scenic lagoon is a must-see. A guide will take visitors atop a cliff where it is common to spot condors, the biggest flying bird in the world. An optional Patagonian barbecue can be arranged at the end of your trip. This excursion has a six-person minimum.

Condor Lookout Trek

One of the most astonishing places in Last Hope Province is Laguna Sofía. This beautiful lagoon is surrounded by cliffs, which are frequented by nesting condors. On this excursion guests trek up a mountain and through a forest rich with wildlife. At the top, it is common to spot condors flying just a few meters away. An optional Patagonian barbecue can be arranged at the end of your trip. This excursion has a six-person minimum.

Paine West Side

Visit the lush west side of Torres del Paine National Park on this relaxing excursion. We will stop for a frontal view of the breathtaking Paine massif, then make our way to the Grey sector for a short walk. As we make our way through an enchanting ancient forest of Southern Beech, we may spot a Huemul, the Andean deer, between leafy green branches. Next we will walk along the shores of Grey Lake, marveling at the icebergs and Glacier Grey in the distance. The trip concludes with a delicious lunch and a stop at Salto Grande to view the biggest waterfall in the park. This excursion is recommended to complement the Paine East Side excursion.

Paine East Side

Why do it all in one day, if you can do it in two? This excursion focuses only on the east side of the park and is designed for those seeking a more detailed visit. This zone is characterized by very little rain, which gives it a desert-like landscape. This is the preferred habitat of animals like the guanaco and ñandú.

This sightseeing tour includes a trip to Laguna Azul, a place of extraordinary beauty and abundant birdlife. From there visitors eat lunch at a scenic overlook, followed by a walk through ancient indigenous lands.

The Rotating Lamb

Join us for a unique Noi-style barbecue! We gather at a nearby picnic area in the forest, where we’ve built a small hydraulic system that uses a natural spring to turn a lamb while it roasts over the fire. This system of twisting deliciousness keeps the fat from dripping to the ground, preserving the flavor. Guests can combine this barbecue with any of our half-day excursions. Six-person minimum.

Laguna Verde Trek

See it all on the Laguna Verde Trek. We take guests to a beautiful trail in the heart of the park, which is rarely visited by tourists. While long, this tranquil trek offers a lovely and varied landscape, including lagoons that support all types of animal life. This excursion culminates with a picnic in the woods and a final climb to see a magnificent 360-degree view of the park.

Milodon Cave

A trip to the Milodon Cave makes a perfect half-day excursion. The 25-minute drive to this national historic monument will take you past rolling fields of Patagonian pampa. The area is home to 400-year-old southern beech trees, some of the oldest in the area. You will be guided into three caves that are nestled between green forests and conglomerate rock formations. The excursion ends at the famous Milodon cave, where many paleontological discoveries have been made. Here you can find an interactive visitors’ center full of interesting information and videos.

Base Torres

This is the most popular trail in the park, and for good reason! Along the way you will pass by beautiful southern beech forests and see many types of birds and animals. The highlight is the view from the top of three granite towers shaped by glaciers. We will stop to rest and have lunch beside a glacier-fed lake. This trail can be physically strenuous, but the reward is well worth the effort. 

Historic Puerto Natales

Take a tour of Puerto Natales with our expert guide and learn about its history, as well as the best advice on where to buy gifts and local crafts. This tour includes a stop at the Museum of Natales and an opportunity to sample some local delicacies of the region. If you wish to do the tour on bicycles, they are available in the lobby.

The 4 C

In Spanish, “Caminar, Comprar, Cocinar y Comer” translates to “Walk, Shop, Cook and Eat.” On this tour we travel just outside of town, to the area where the local people grow fresh produce in their greenhouses and gardens. Visitors are invited to choose fresh vegetables, and our hotel chef will put the ingredients together for a meal. Six-person minimum.

Paine Clasico

The “Classic Paine” is one of our most popular excursions because it enables visitors to cover the entire park in just one day. This is a perfect option for those who only have limited time in the area. See the Paine massif, icebergs and desert landscapes. The different microclimates of the park create distinct types of vegetation and animal life. Guests have the option to walk to a beach where icebergs commonly wash up on shore.

Glacier Navigation

This tour is the perfect way to relax after a tiring journey or long trek. Set off in the early morning to cross Last Hope Sound and view the rolling hills, waterfalls and marine life from the deck. See frontal views of the Balmaceda Glacier and enjoy a short walk to Serrano Glacier. On the return trip, we stop at a picturesque estancia for a typical lunch that’s sure to leave you with a full stomach and happy heart.