explore san pedro de atacama

Breathtaking natural surroundings and archeological sites

As the lights dim, conversations and laughter can be heard inside various shops and restaurants while touring the streets. The happiness of being far from civilization is what makes San Pedro a magical place.

13,000 years ago, this wonderful world existed. Within the beautiful land, all of the natives contributed to the Atacama culture, which celebrates life through color. It offers great music and expressive dances. Each detail has been maintained through the millennia. Today, you're a witness to all of the richness this unforgettable society had to offer.


San Pedro is 1,670 kilometers north of Santiago, adorned with cobblestone streets, adobe houses, squares, ancient churches, craft shops, restaurants, bars and an amazing museum. A few blocks from downtown is your home, Casa Atacama Noi.

The village is surrounded by all of the imposing mountains of La Sal and Domeyko. Scenic beauty can also be found in the Puritama, Purify and Vilama rivers as they bathe the boundaries of San Pedro, creating majestic gorges. Without these dramatic gorges, this entire place would collapse, becoming completely uninhabitable.

San Pedro, considered the archeological capital of Chile, is home to 2,500 residents and the sector of some of the highest peaks of the Andes such as the Licancabur and Saciel volcanoes.

High Desert Climate


Throughout the year, San Pedro de Atacama delivers pleasant daytime temperatures. But large temperature differences exist as the daylight hours transition into the night. No matter the season, it is recommended that guests wear shorts, T-shirts, sunglasses, swimsuits and sunscreen during the day because of the high solar radiation in the desert area. Warm clothes should always be available for the evenings.