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Adventure awaits noi casa atacama guests

Noi Casa Atacama welcomes you to enjoy the mystical landscapes, stunningly diverse scenery and exhilarating adventures of the world’s driest desert. Our professional tour guides plan excursions for all interests and skill levels, from trekking and biking to archaeological outings and cultural tours.

Below you will find some of our most popular activities and things to do.

Scenic Lagunas Altiplanicas


Heading towards the high plateau, you will see the flora and fauna gradually change as you ascend. Along the way, you’ll pass the Tropic of Capricorn, which intersects with the Inca Trail. After a stop in Socaire, Paso Sico, marking the border with Argentina, will come into view. For a scenic break, you’ll arrive at the Aguas Calientes Salt Flat and the Tuyajto Lagoon to admire the high plateau landscape and have lunch. On the way back, discover the Los Flamencos National Reserve. It’s a memorable opportunity to explore its lovely Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons.

Scenic Geysers del Tatio


This amazing tour leaves at dawn, heading northeast along a dirt road. Upon arriving at the Tatio Geysers, one of the highest geothermal fields in the world, you can watch the cauldrons of boiling water shoot blasts of vapor high into the air. After briefly exploring the area on foot, a scrumptious breakfast will be served. On the way back, you will enjoy gorgeous views of the high plateau. Along this breathtaking route, you can see large bogs featuring plenty of wildlife and appreciate how the flora and fauna change as you travel down. The town of Machuca is another lovely stop that will delight your senses. It’s situated 4,000 meters above sea level.

Scenic Salar de Tara


Departing the hotel on the way to the Jama Pass, the first stop of this tour is at the Quepiaco Bog, which offers a great opportunity to observe local fauna, including birds and vicunas. Then you will continue along to the Monjes de la Pakana, making a second stop to admire impressive, wind-sculpted rock formations in the middle of the desert. Finally, we will arrive at our destination, the Tara Salt Flat. Here, you can walk for 40 minutes to reach the “cathedrals” (spectacular rock walls) before savoring a delicious lunch.

Scenic Valle de la Luna


If you choose this tour, you’ll go across the Moon Valley by car to discover the most awe-inspiring areas. The stops include popular spots such as Kari, Cuevas de sal, Duna Mayor, Crater Central and Tres Marías. In addition to scenic views, you’ll also have the option to enjoy many short walks.

Scenic Laguna Chaxa


With this beautiful tour, you will visit the town of Toconao and see its main square, church and bell tower, all of which have been declared national monuments. Depending on the season, you’ll have the chance to explore the orchards before continuing towards the salt flat until reaching Chaxa Lagoon. Here, you can admire the flocks of flamingoes in their natural habitat and enjoy the extraordinary scenic beauty.

Trekking Cuchabrache


First, you’ll head up one of the cornices of the Salt Mountain Range, ascending an abrupt rocky terrain laden with loose rocks. From the top, there is a spectacular 360-degree view that includes vistas of the Catarpe Valley and the San Pedro River, which run underneath the cornices. In the distance, you can also see the Andes and Domayko ranges, the Catarpe Ayllu and Tambo Inca. Afterward, the tour continues toward the cornice to descend into the valley, reaching the Catarpe Ayllu. From there, enjoy a scenic walk back to the San Isidro Chapel.

Trekking Guatinka


With Guatinka, you can’t help but feel the charm of a fun walk with some physical challenges. Following the bed of the Vilama river, you’ll go into the Guatín gorge among big cactus plants and other bushes. They’re the true sentinels that guard this wondrous place. Enjoy traveling across the river multiple times during this incredible adventure. You’ll come down by waterfalls and rocky sections, where you can see very rare geological formations.

Trekking Kari


The hike begins from the Kari Lookout, which offers a spectacular view of the Valley of the Moon. Then you’ll descend from the cornice to a sandy area and cross a dry lake before entering the Kari Gorge, following the old course of the river. This path includes two rocky stretches, which were formerly waterfalls and are now dry. Be warned: you’ll need to support yourself with your hands and feet in these challenging areas.

Trekking Cornisas


After ascending a small dune, hike north along one of the cornices bordering the “Valle de la Muerte,” otherwise known as “Death Valley.” The stunning panoramic view allows you to appreciate how erosion has molded the Salt Mountain Range, revealing the geological processes that shaped it. The most entertaining part of this excursion is a steep, but enjoyable descent down a dune. From that point, you’ll cross the valley to get back to the waiting van.

If you want to experience this adventure with your family, there’s a shorter version of the Cornisa excursion. It’s specially designed for young children and people who don’t want to walk too far. This tour begins at the same point as the original one, but only requires 30 minutes of walking to the first dune, which the whole family can enjoy. From there, it’s just another 15 minutes back to the van so that you can return to Noi Casa Atacama.

Trekking Copa Coya


Experience acclimatization trekking and prepare an ascent. Cerro Toco, Saciel Volcano and Copa Coya also offer a variety of sights and scenery for those who want to enjoy another perspective of the Tatio Geysers area. It’s a very nice walk with a variety of views and landscapes. You’ll start in the geothermal field of Tatio Geysers and finish with a well-deserved lunch in the location of the steam columns.

Trekking Machuca Rio Grande


This hike begins in the town of Machuca, situated 4,000 meters above sea level, with a descent through a desert moor. Travel toward the gorge, passing through lands used by shepherd caravans. Midway through this adventure, enjoy a delicious lunch at an abandoned Peñaliri homestead. After this refreshing meal, trek downriver until you reach the town of Río Grande, where the van will be waiting.

Bike Riding Laguna Cejar


This tour leaves Noi Casa Atacama by bike, cycling southward along Tocopilla Street. Then you’ll veer off the main route to follow a detour that passes through the Cúcuter Ayllu, continuing into the salt flat along a path that gradually turns into a sandy dirt trail. It will lead you to the cold waters of the Cejar Lagoon. Three cold-water lagoons come together to form this beautiful body of water and provide an exhilarating swim. Biking is one of the best ways to discover the exclusive area of Cejar lagoon. You’ll have access to its salty water and, if you wish, you can float along the Dead Sea!

Bike Riding Quebrada del Diablo


To begin this adventure, you’ll head north on the old main route, which is used to accommodate traffic entering and leaving the oasis. This road, running through the Catarpe Valley, is made of flat gravel and follows the course of the river. You’ll have to cross it several times to reach the entrance of Devil’s Gorge. Once there, you can explore the gorge, winding between its unusual rock formations until reaching the sandy area. From that point, you’ll then return by the same route, effortlessly enjoying the slight downward slope towards the gorge’s exit.

Arqueological Pukará de Quitor


For this adventure, it’s helpful to understand the meaning of its name. The word “Pukará” is used to name those ancient fortifications of the pre-Columbian culture, built in the eleventh century. The tour is a popular classic and offers an easy hike to visit a very nice area of the oasis called the “Ayllu de Quitor.” Its famous archeological monument, the “Pukará,” is also a great attraction to see along this memorable trek.

Stellar Sky Astronomic Observation


You’ll begin this tour by going through all of the Andean constellations with a cocktail to observe the entire galaxy. From the solar systems planets to the stars, enjoy a detailed view of the beautiful sights above.

This excursion has an additional cost for full packages.