Experience Chile’s Wine Country

Located just 6 kilometers from downtown Santa Cruz, Noi Blend inhabits one of Earth’s most unique places: the Colchagua Valley. A perfect blend of city sophistication and relaxed country life, our 140-year-old property invites you to unwind and enjoy the spectacular scenery, wonderful vineyards and native forests of Chile’s wine country. Originally built as a wine cellar, the hotel retains the cozy atmosphere of a country house, while its grounds are home to a year-round outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, barbecue, bar and lovely gardens.

Noi Blend’s charming property is truly a must-see in the Colchagua Valley.

mediterranean climate

The city of Santa Cruz has a Mediterranean climate that’s warm in summer and cold in winter, with lots of rainfall. The area’s water supply comes from the Tinguiririca River, which flows to the north of the city and empties into Lake Rapel. This has allowed Santa Cruz to establish itself as an important agricultural center, excelling in the production of fruits and vines.