From stylish urban boutiques to mountain lodges with an upscale twist, Noi Hotels offers some of the most unique and distinctive accommodations in Chile. Each of our destinations is designed and decorated to encapsulate the essence of their local surroundings while offering the highest standards of professional service and warm hospitality. Every one of our hotels welcomes you with a warm smile, visually arresting architecture, chic guest rooms and social areas and cuisine beyond compare. 

Hare Noi

Located on Easter Island, Hare Noi offers a luxury gateway to the most remote yet inhabited island in the world. With just nine intimate rooms and unforgettable excursions into the mythical landscapes of Rapa Nui, you will experience this majestic destination very much as the natives do. 


Hare Noi

av. hotu matua s/n. hangaroa, rapa nui, chile

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