noi excursions

During your visit to a Noi Hotels destination, you will enjoy countless opportunities to explore the diverse and vibrant attractions waiting just outside our doors. From the urban pleasures of Santiago to the breathtaking landscapes of San Pedro de Atacama, the Andes Mountains, Easter Island and more, allow us to be your gateway to unforgettable experiences. 

Excursions Puma

Whether you choose to venture out on foot, horseback or mountain bike, stunning adventures await.

  • Trekking Mirador de Las Orquideas
  • Trekking Bosque de los Cipreses
  • Trekking Valle del Cachapoal/Placa Roja
  • Trekking Valle Cipresillo
  • Trekking Valle Los Llano
  • Trekking Sierra Nevada
  • Trekking Puma con Raqueta de Nieve 
  • Trekking Las Leñas con Raqutas de Nieve 
  • Biking Cachapoal Bajo 
  • Biking Valle Cortaderal
  • Trekking or biking Laguna el Yeso
  • Wall climbing
  • Rock climbing
  • Heli trekking Loma del Buey

Excursions Vitacura

Discover Santiago’s many tempting sights, from the fashionable Alonso de Córdova shopping avenue to a diverse range of historic attractions, cultural destinations, restaurants and more.

  • Nueva Costanera
  • Alonso de Córdova Street
  • Casa Costanera 
  • Parque Arauco 
  • OX
  • Cuerovaca
  • Bicentennial Park 
  • Puerto Fuy
  • Borago
  • Osadia
  • Da Carla
  • Rubaiyat
  • Europeo
  • Carnal

Excursions Atacama

At Noi Casa Atacama, you will find excursions for all interests and skill levels, from trekking and biking to archaeological outings and cultural tours.

  • Scenic Lagunas Altiplanicas
  • Scenic Geysers del Tatio
  • Scenic Salar de Tara
  • Scenic Valle de la Luna
  • Scenic Laguna Chaxa
  • Trekking Cuchabrache
  • Trekking Guatinka
  • Trekking Kari
  • Trekking Cornisas
  • Trekking Copa Coya
  • Trekking Machuca Rio Grande
  • Biking Laguna Cejar
  • Biking Quebrada del Diablo
  • Arqueological Pukará de Quitor
  • Stellar Sky Astronomic Observation

Excursions Indigo

Explore remote realms formed by ice and teeming with ancient charm and indigenous pleasures. 

  • Fly fishing
  • Horseback expeditions
  • Cavalcade in the Fjord
  • Ride to the Condors
  • Trekking Mirador of the Condors 
  • Paine West Side
  • Paine East Side
  • Roast Lamb “The Spinning Wheel”
  • Laguna Verde trek
  • Fjord kayaking
  • Base Torres
  • Active Milodón
  • Historical Natales
  • Natales Orchard tour
  • Paine Classic 
  • Ride to Sierra Dorotea
  • Glacier navigation

Excursions Blend

Explore the beautiful wineries and world-class cultural attractions of Chile’s scenic Colchagua and Apalta Valleys.

  • Montgras Winery 
  • Laura Hartwing Winery
  • Viña Estampa Winery
  • Montes Winery (Apalta Valley)
  • Lapostolle Winery (Apalta Valley)
  • Viña Leyen (Apalta Valley)
  • Colchagua Museum
  • San Jose del Carmen Museum
  • Maitenes Dairy 
  • Colchagua Casino