Noi Hotels: The value of sustainability

Creating unforgettable travel experiences is the driving force of Noi Hotels, a passion to build together with our guests and visitors unique stories that reveal the personality of each of the fascinating hotels with the hallmark of Noi, where we are committed to the proper management of resources that have the least impact on our environment.

We invite you to discover the destinations, cultures and landscapes in a special way and in first person. Noi Hotels has thought about every detail to show the best of each place where we are located.

Respect for the Creole values, patrimonial rescue and above all, the value of the environment, which has made us incorporate sustainability practices, actions that make us socially responsible and endless attributes that we invite you to know:

  • Use of solar energy through panels that generate electric light and also be able to heat the water of the facilities.
  • Reuse of gray water for irrigation of gardens and common spaces.
  • Organic vegetable gardens that house raw materials grown in the same hotel, without the participation of external agents.
  • Reforestation plan in surrounding areas.
  • Recycling points and treatment of waste in hotels.
  • Community development plans, constant support to local producers, artisans and creation of activities in conjunction with our strategic partners.
  • Actions of RSE with Desafío Levantemos Chile, collaborative days with the Mirada Animal Foundation, responsible use of materials of low environmental impact, in partnership with Solubag.

The Noi Hotels philosophy

Our View

Noi Hotels offer exceptional facilities and personalized first class services on outstanding destinations in Chile and in the world.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to remaining the benchmark for unique experiences in the best and most attractive destinations throughout Chile and the world. Through our warm service and first class facilities, we want our guests to enjoy an unforgettable stay and feel, throughout their visit, that they are enjoying the highest standards of hospitality.

Our Values

Exclusivity: Noi Hotels are located in prime destinations within Chile and the world.

Excellence: We are committed to offering the finest hotels, restaurants, excursions and spa treatments.

Warmth: We pride ourselves on professional and personalized service.

Environmental Responsibility: We seek to make a positive contribution to the environment and communities that we serve.

Cada día estamos más comprometidos a colaborar con el medio ambiente y lograr que más personas también. Por eso, como parte de las acciones del Proyecto Sustentabilidad 19/20, es lograr la eficiencia energética en nuestros hoteles con la instalación de paneles solares en Noi Blend Colchagua, Noi Casa Atacama y Noi Puma Lodge.

Únete a nosotros y sé parte de esta iniciativa aportando tu granito de arena para que juntos logremos un cambio.