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At Noi Hotels, our passion is, above all else, to make you feel completely at home. Each of our hotel experiences is designed to inspire unique sensations, from our luxurious rooms, innovative spa therapies and locally inspired gourmet cuisine to exhilarating excursions and adventures. Even as we share our locales with you, respect for Chile’s vital natural resources and a commitment to preserving the land for future generations is at the heart of everything we do. 

the noi hotels philosophy

Our View

Noi Hotels offer exceptional facilities and personalized first class services on outstanding destinations in Chile and in the world.

Our Mission


We are dedicated to remaining the benchmark for unique experiences in the best and most attractive destinations throughout Chile and the world. Through our warm service and first class facilities, we want our guests to enjoy an unforgettable stay and feel, throughout their visit, that they are enjoying the highest standards of hospitality.

Our Values

Exclusivity: Noi Hotels are located in prime destinations within Chile and the world.

Excellence: We are committed to offering the finest hotels, restaurants, excursions and spa treatments.

Warmth: We pride ourselves on professional and personalized service.

Environmental Responsibility: We seek to make a positive contribution to the environment and communities that we serve.

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